Job Hunting Tips

It has come to my attention, many smart, tech-savvy job-seekers are not very good at job hunting!
I hope this will help you…

1. Some good websites 2. Social Networking 3. CV Tips

1. Some good websites


e4s | student job | student-jobs | student Gems |

also check your university social/ jobs section


|Inspiring Interns | Milkaround | Rate my Placement |

Retail and others

|Student Beans (jobs section) | Gum Tree | Guardian |

try visiting the company website – if you’re in the film industry try Ch4, if you’re in the finance industry try HSBC etc.


|Direct Gov | Monster – soon with jobseekers | Step |

One-off/ Freelance/ Self-employed

Any Van | Fiverr | GiffGaff | Jobs in a second | Recycle cartridges | Take Note |


Reed | Totaljobs |

<strong>2. Social Networking</strong>

You’ll be surprised to find you can pick up a job through the popular social networking sites!

Within Twitter try searching hash tags with jobs such as #jobs

Within LinkedIn you can get to the jobs section here

Within Facebook you can look through pages or even just post a status, this can also be done on twitter and other forums!

<strong>3. CV Tips</strong>

Contact Details

Ensure this is clear and includes your location, email, telephone number. Your full address, date of birth, gender is not necessary but an option.

Personal Profile

Do not just simply put standard words like hard working. write a sentence containing a trait such as hard working and a reason as to why and how you can prove you are.

E.g. I am a hard working employee as enjoy achieving set targets or I have a great initiative as I strive to learn or I am a team player as I am great at communication or I am a great sales person as I can be personable to others.

If you’re a student and especially if you’re applying for a role related to your studies, I’d highly recommend placing your modules and scores for each one. If they are low then perhaps not the scores but the modules.
If you have some good GCSE’s perhaps just highlight the good GCSE’s and group the others.
E.g. 9 GCSE’s including Science A Maths B English C

Past work experience
Yes definitely put your employer, your role, the length of time or date(people seem to forget this) you were there and a small description. You should only put the jobs which are again relevant to the job you’re applying for. Put your most recent work at the top and go down in chronological order. If you really want to put some un-relevant past work perhaps place it at the bottom but without a brief about your role there.

Extra Curricular Activities
These are very valuable on any CV. This could be a summer study trip, any voluntary projects, helping your family business. This shows you are keen, motivated, and many other good assets!

Perhaps going to the pub is pointless here but you can put always put things like making music, blogging, photography, keeping up to date with the latest smart phones, making clothes, cooking… just make sure you can see a relevance in the job you are applying for.

There seems to be a difference of opinion here. Some people immediately place references on their CV-however I don’t recommend this, as it is quite private information you’re just giving anyone! Some people put “References available upon request” – this I think is more suitable if you really feel like you want to highlight their availability. However from myself, I dont think it is necessary s it should be obvious you have references available if they are needed. But to be honest, I don’t often get asked for references and even if I do they are unlikely to be contacted…


Thanks for the comment!

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