12 recommendations to frugality!

With the current economic turmoil, people like me and you are referred to as the “squeezed middle”. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on Ed Miliband pondering over his favourite term to help us. So here are some tips I’d like to share with the YOU to help you take matters into your own hands – with your cutbacks, money saving schemes and ways to still enjoy those luxuries you thought you couldn’t any more!

1. GiffGaff 2. Studentbeans 3. Recycle for Money! 4. Visit Brick Lane 5. Cheaper Online 6. Downloads 7. Read Reviews 8. Ebay it 9. Tutor Someone 10. Cheaper premium calls 11. Cash Back 12. TV License

1. GiffGaff

The best money-saving mobile network that also lets you MAKE money!
With GiffGaff for only £10 you can get

  • 250 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Internet Data
  • Free GiffGaff2GiffGaff contacting

You can even get a nice £5 tariff for either

  1. unlimited texts
  2. 300 texts, 60 mins, and have the opportunity to earn free minutes by receiving calls from other networks!

If you plan on getting a smartphone, youre better off getting the (preferably second hand) handset and getting this sim card which could save you around £250 over 24 months. Just make sure you get the handset at a good price!


O2 customers can try out GiffGaff without unlocking their phones. This is because GiffGaff runs off O2’s network. Click below to get £5 free credit by my referal. This also helps me get points! Or refer me in the TopUp form, “Cloudbi” :o) Sign up now and you too can get points to spend by referring others or chatting in the community forum!
PS. GiffGaff recently opened a “pop-up shop” where you can purchase random things with the points you earned by helping the community! You can also purchase these online >.< I got some awesome mini speakers!

Get a free giffgaff Sim         

2. Studentbeans.com

623,000 students have signed up to their newsletter and in counting!
This student discount and entertainment website provides:

  • some of the best freebies
  • great offers from companies you use including shopping and restaurant discount
  • awesome competitions for awesome prizes
  • ways to earn quick cash
  • tips to be a better student/ land a job
  • random news about celebs, poll research results, games/tech reviews

Definitely worth a regular visit!

3. Recycle your empty printer cartridges/toners for cash/charity!
Visit Empties Please to set up your own charity at no expense. £1 for branded cartridges, 50p for non-branded cartridges, 75p for branded toners.
You can also visit Recycle Aid to send your empty cartridges for 50p for yourself or your chosen charity!

4. Visit Brick Lane/ Sunday UpMarket/ Spitalfields Market

All 3 markets are within a 10 minute walking distance of each other! Brick Lane has many little vintage stores where you can snap up some decent leather goods for a fraction of the prices in stores!
There is also Sunday Up Market where independent designers make their own T-Shirts for sale.
If you’re not sure if you’ll like anything, don’t worry, they have an awesome food market open Saturday and Sundays with food from around the world!
Within walking distance is slightly more expensive Shoreditch’s Spitalfields market surrounded by interesting small shops that sell bric-a-brac and don’t forget the renowned Indian restaurant street – full of them waiting to serve you!

5. See if you can get it for cheaper online!

Finding vouchers for the restaurant you already planned to go to is a god send.
HotUKDeals – Literally what it says on the tin – worth checking daily!
Groupon – Great discount – worth checking daily!
Voucher Cloud – A decent voucher listing.
O2 Priority Moments – O2 customers get random offers.
Orange 241 Wednesdays – Text FILM to 241 on your Orange mobile to get 241 cinema tickets.
Trainline – Save absolutely loads on train tickets if you book in advance!

Things you want to buy in general are most likely available cheaper online so dont go for that impulse buy especially if you don’t need it right there and then. Take advantage of the internet!

6. Go for the downloads

Especially when it comes to things like software – definitely go for the freebies.
CNet – American based tech consultants providing many free software downloads. This link goes to the US site whilst the picture below directs you to the UK site.
IsoHunt – Downloads listings via torrent files. Ensure you purchased the original!
Kindle – Have saved a bunch on reading just by buying this eReader which is also lighter than my books! Built in offline dictionary is awesome! Definately recommended! You can also upload your own files.

7. Read reviews

Reading great reviews is the best way to understand what to expect before splashing your cash at that fancy restaurant or music gig to die for.
Trip Advisor – Amazing for preparations for holidays, such as hotel, restaurants, tourist locations all submitted by the community.
View London – Many of its locations have galleries and all the information you need such as average spend (besides telephone and a map!)
Trusted Reviews – Reviews for those Tech lovers, check this site out before choosing your side!
Versusio – Detailed mobile phone comparison including photos to scale!

8. Sell your stuff on Ebay

I am about to go sell my old DVDs to CEX for the ease. Music Magpie will give a similar pay but will need to wait for delivery etc. Ebay and Amazon would give you a higher pay but you need to pay for insertion, P&P, and final payment fee. Small payment items such as DvDs I don’t tend to bother placing onto Ebay. Things with brands though are great on Ebay! If you got time, take all your junk to a car-boot sale with a friend or family member, it can be a tonne of fun!

9. Tutor someone

Adverts in supermarkets and convenience stores are great. I found one in Tesco recently from a man who required English tutoring. After connecting with him I successfully tutored English Speaking with him at £10 per hour for a few weeks! If you’re not so lucky, try tutoring websites or placing an advert on the board yourself offering your services! Word of mouth is also a great way to get in touch with your market. The best thing about tutoring is that all you need to have is your expertise.

10. Do easy money making odd jobs

Jobs in a Second
– Local odd jobs
– Find a Man with a Van who will bid for your work
– Freelance odd jobs
– Test Websites

11. Use tools to make your phone calls cheaper

This website gives you landline numbers for those expensive premium numbers you just have to call! (e.g. 0845)
0800 Wizard
This is an app on the iPhone/Android
It makes numbers which should be free (e.g. 0800) — well free!
Users call freephone numbers as part of your network operator’s inclusive minutes 😀

With GiffGaff users, 0800 numbers are free anyways!

12. Use Cash-Back websites

Cashback websites like Quidco or TopCashBack pay you every time you buy something or sign up for a product through them; it can add up to £100s a year! Both businesses pass on 100% of the payments they receive from retailers to members, though Quidco keeps your first £5 earned each year to cover costs. Both say the average cashback earned is £250 per year.
Don’t be sceptical to this “free” cash as it is basically paid through advertising from the retailer – making business sense.
The way these sites work is simple. First, you sign up as a member on the site. This means giving bank details and should be free – avoid sites that charge a registration fee. Once you have set up your account, whenever you shop online you visit the same retailers as usual but via a link on your chosen cashback site. When you make a purchase, the retailer typically pays a commission into your account at your cashback site, which in turn sends your cut direct to your nominated bank or PayPal account. (Source: Guardian)

12. Dont bother with a TV License!

Who needs a TV license when you have free trials like this?
Watch Movies & TV Shows Online or Streaming right to your TV via Xbox, Wii, PS3 & many other devices.
You can also sign up to watch current TV shows on the following;
BBC iPlayer
Watch live BBC TV or catch up on the last 7 days of BBC programmes. BBC HD programmes are now available to watch.
4 on demand (4od)
With thousands of hours of video to choose from, you can watch what you want, when you want on 4oD. This website is in relation to Channel 4.
TV Catchup
TVCatchup is the new way to watch your favourite UK television programmes online: Over 30 channels including BBC One, ITV2, Channel 4, FIVE, Dave …
As long as the programmes you are watching are not live (as in at the exact time it is broadcasted) you don’t need a TV license!
Watch Series
Full episodes online for free
This is a great website you stream tv programmes online

Thank you for reading. If you like this page please like my blog on it here too. I am looking for advice from YOU to add to the list. Please comment below! Thanks again, and good luck with your finances! >.<


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