1. make sure you have the base game installed (Age of Empires 2.iso)
  2. mount/burn and install the expansion pack (Age of Empires 2 – The Conquerors Expansion.iso)
  3. now you need a program like WinRAR or PowerISO that can extract files from ISO files.
  4. open the expansion pack ISO (Age of Empires 2 – The Conquerors Expansion.iso) in one of these programs, go to the “CRACK” folder, and then extract the file “AGE2_X1.exe”
  5. now move it or copy it to the folder “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\age2_x1”
  6. if it asks you to replace the existing file, click “yes”
  7. make sure you keep the expansion pack ISO mounted (or keep the CD in the drive if you burned the ISO). you need it in order to play single player.
  8. double click the file (AGE2_X1.exe) you put in the folder, or click the Conquerors shortcut on your desktop (if there is one)
  9. and the game should be fully functional.

NOTE: if you have the ISO mounted, make sure it’s mounted whenever you play the game. sometimes when you restartyour computer, you have to mount it again, depending on your software.

also, if running the game from the desktop shortcut or that file doesnt work, try running the drive the ISO is mounted to or the CD is inserted in, in My Computer


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